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Searching for missing person

Hi all,
I am sorry to post a message with so few clues, but here goes anyway.  I grew up in Southern Humboldt County, California during the 1980's.  I was an avid rider even then and was always looking for someone with whom to ride.  In high school, I met a gentleman that worked with my dad (At the Eel River Concentration Camp - minimum security prison.).  He was just getting into endurance riding and had done a 25 miler or two.  We rode together a few times and he asked if I would be interested in crewing a ride for him.  Before that ever could happen, he and his wife moved south.  I would love to find out what his name is and how he has done since.  I believe that he lived in Redway and he had a chestnut arabian gelding.  I think his wife's name was Julia.  My motives are entirely honorable - I am just curious.  If you happen to remember this gentleman, please help me to get in touch with him. 
Thank you!
Karen Sweaney
Bakersfield, CA    

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