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Arab for sale

  Speaking of arabs..a
friend of mine has a terrific arab for sale...
He is a 15.2 hh, bay gelding, 9 yrs old, extremely sensibly, has been ridden
every day for the last 3 yrs since my friend bought him. He is actually a
celebrity...he was ridden on the "March West" ride this summer..that was the
ride from Manitoba to Edmonton..the route the mounted police took 100 yrs
ago to tame our west. That ride was 1000 miles, he was ridden every day ( in
an orthoflex saddle) and never had a sore on him at the end. My friend is 75
yrs old. He is switching to a Tennessee Walker because of back/leg problems.
He was an endurance rider & has blown out his knees & just can't post
anymore. This horse is obviously trail proofed! He was the ONLY horse that
was continuously ridden from the start to the finish of the ride. He is not
a "hot" arab, rather a mellow, do whatever gait asked, kind of fellow. Safe
for all ages.  He is an easy keeper, people lover, has worked with cows,
neckrein or single reins, and is registered. Goes on loose rein, snaffle and
doesnt mind other horses around him.
This horse is a steal folks at 2500.00.. cdn  2000.00 us
The owner is a natural, gentle person, who takes extreme care of his horses.
I have a particular interest in selling this horse for him, as he wants to
buy my walker Boomer, as soon as his gelding is sold. Please pass this
along. Would make a great pleasure horse or competitive mount.  or ph 204-466-2776

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