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Re: RC: re: hematoma

So far I haven't seen anybody ask what the treatment was.  Was this 
hematoma treated aggressively from the get go?  If so, and it's still there 
after two weeks I'd probably have the vet re-check and then determine if it 
should be lanced or not.  If not, then I'd try some more aggressive 

I've had my horse get a couple of hematomas from different things.  One 
thing I learned is that doing nothing is not the right thing to do!  Now, 
if I encounter something like this I am aggressive in treating it.  As soon 
as it happens you want to make sure it doesn't get hot - cool it 
down.  Heat can do a lot of damage.  If you can, hose it down for 20 min. 
twice a day. (hydro therapy is also good for your lawn) <G>  If that is not 
practical, then put ice on it.

Next, I would give the horse bute (unless the vet says 
otherwise).  Applying DMSO is good (which I believe the person said they 
had done).  Exercise is another very important thing.  Keeping the 
circulation going will help diminish the swelling.  Hand walk the horse a 
few miles a day, or else free longe him in a large area - do what you can 
to keep the horse very active (don't confine him).

Be patient.  Some hematomas can take a long time to go away.  You don't 
want to massage it, doing so can break up blood clots and cause even more 
serious problems.  When I had a hematoma on my leg lots of people told me 
to massage it but my doctor very emphatically told me NOT to....the only 
thing that reduced it was exercise - like riding 50 miles :).  It's nearly 
all gone now, 16 months later.

Don't be in a hurry to ride this horse.  Again, if the hematoma was allowed 
to get 'hot', there could be some damage and riding with a saddle on the 
back will really aggravate things.

& Weaver, yep I'm the one she's talking about :)

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