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Re: Things that Unite Us - Miles is Miles

I agree wholeheartedly with Heidi.  CTR is NOT easier.  If you consider
that here an average 25 mile CTR is allowed 4 1/2 hours to finish, there is
a 20 minute hold halfway and at least 1 surprise check (sometimes 2) which
can add up to an additional 10-20 minutes (30-40 minutes total), that
leaves you only about 4 hours (maybe even a little less) for a 25 mile
ride.  Pacing is an art if you ask me, especially if it's in variable
terrain....some hills, some sand, some flat.  It takes skill to pace
yourself and I am not one who likes to ride like hell until you hit the 2
mile mark and sit around and wait!  Not for me.  It is quite a challenge
and I will probably use this format many, many times in the years to come
because of what Heidi pointed out... some horses are better suited to one
than the other.  My Jonathan is NOT a horse for CTR...he has good
recoveries in endurance but he is not a horse who gets good PR scores in
CTR.  I don't think he ever will.  He loves the endurance format! Our
stallion seems to recover quickly and has good PRs at this point but that
is at home.  We won't know what his forte is until we give him the
opportunity to do both.  My daughter's horse, with very little
conditioning, has fantastic recoveries and PRs and is well suited for both.
 He has the potential to be a 100 miler horse!  I prefer endurance but when
I ride CTR, I still want to do well and that is a challenge!!

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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