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Re: RC: Things that Unite Us - Miles is Miles

In a message dated 11/5/99 2:28:02 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I also participate in competitve trail, which earns me some snickers from 
my "hard-core" endurance=
  buddies.  "All those rules to follow," they protest.
   All I know is that I have had a GREAT time at both CTRs and LDs, I have 
learned a tremendous amount in a short time, >>

Well, I'm an oldie and a hard-core endurance rider, and I, for one, applaud 
you for doing both.  I wish ALL aspiring endurance riders would do a few 
CTR's--it is very educational and can be real eye-opener.  

The biggest mistake that endurance riders make in thinking about CTR is 
assuming that it is somehow just an "easier" version of endurance.  Nope--it 
is a different distance sport with its own set of challenges.  And there are 
horses who can cross disciplines very well, and others who are much better 
suited to one or the other.


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