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I-81 runaway?Horse containment

I've travelled with my horse for the past twelve years, and I've seen
all sorts of new fangled contraptions come along for keeping horses
overnight......if I am in a questionable area my horse is kept
TIED.....portable electric fencing is fine for day use under
supervision, but I don't sleep well if there's even the slightest chance
my horse could get loose and get hurt.  And no matter how well your
horse respects its hot wire enclosure, another animal in a panic can run
through in a second and trash your 'safe' enclosure freeing your horse
to join the runaway. Seen it happen too many times.

SO - my question is this - do ridecampers as a group object to horses
being kept inside of a stock trailer at night? I have a three horse
slant load that actually gives my horse enough room to move around and
lay down comfortably yet keeps him 'safely contained' while I sleep.
This is the method I've been using while travelling to events the past
few years, and I just wondered if I will be chastised the first time I
try to do this in ridecamp.


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