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Blanket advice

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 07:59:34 EST
Subject: RC:   blanket advice
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Farafix wrote:
<Mary Coleman ( sells very nice waterproof, insulated 
blankets made by the Amish (she lives in central Pa.)  She's been
blankets & rumprugs & haybags for as long as I've been doing this (10

These blankets are nearly indestructible, fit Arabs well, don't slip and
are a bargain at $65. Bought a pretty blue one back in '92 before Fine
Print's first endurance ride -- the old Rockbridge Hunt 50. We
completed, and that night the blanket survived the great Rockbridge I-81
runaway with just a single tear in the outer shell. I never got around
to repairing it, and all these years later the tear never got any
bigger. The blankets have a wool lining.
High-cut Weather-Beeta and Rambo rugs also fit Arabs well -- but of
course they cost lots more. Sometimes you can pick them up in tack
consignment sales.
Bobbie in So. Calif. (with winter blankets still packed away)

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