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Re: RC: blanket advice


Mary Coleman ( sells very nice waterproof, insulated 
blankets made by the Amish (she lives in central Pa.)  She's been selling 
blankets & rumprugs & haybags for as long as I've been doing this (10 yrs).  
Mary is also a big supporter of rides, often donating the awards (blankets, 
rumprugs, haybags!).  I forget what I paid for my waterproof blanket, but I 
believe it was under $100 (maybe $65??) several yrs ago.  It has two chest 
attachments, 2 belly straps & an under the tail strap.  It fits very nicely & 
stays on the horse real well (my boy LOVES to roll with a blanket on).  It's 
kept the horse roasty toasty in pouring rain.
You might want to ask that a ring  be sewn in to the top of the front strap 
(where it's sewn on the blanket) at the withers so you can attach a hood.  
Not sure if Mary sells the hoods, but I picked one up thru a catalogue & with 
the blanket & hood my horse looks like Sir Lancelots armored horse, but he he 
stays real warm & dry.
You can get all sorts of colors and sizes.
My horse is an Arab ( & used it on his Arab dam).

Good luck,

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