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quench bottles

Though I keep thinking I am responding to "all" when I answer this question
about quench bottles, I must not have so here I will change the subject and
try to answer it for everyone.  Surely someone else out there uses quench
bottles???  Perhaps you call them something else.  We learned about these
from Michigan riders.  They are laundry bottles with the nice spouts to
direct pouring.  I prefer small to medium...the huge ones are too heavy for
me to handle gracefully.  The idea is to use them "on the fly"...your crew
hands them to you, you pour it down your horse's neck (to get both sides)
and then toss it back as you continue on...I believe I noted to someone
that you are not supposed to injure your crew when you do this, however I
sometimes reserve that right if Nelson is giving me a particularly hard
time about how fast I am NOT going (he gets a little competitive).  I
usually use this as an excuse to stop for a minute or two unless Jonathan
is really pumped and doesn't want to stop.  Some people who ride without
crews will hang them out at strategic spots the night before in trees where
they can reach them without getting off the horse.  They are very handy and
I highly recommend their use....just be sure to rinse them very well before
using them!!  Hope this answers your questions.  Sorry I did not reply to
everyone personally (I tried to!).

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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