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Sharon Saare @ Pueblo Co this weekend

I'll be meeting Sharon and a fellow CTR rider in Pueblo, Colorado at the State Fair Grounds on Saturday for a fitting.  If you are interested in attending for fitting or for info, please reply privately to me and I will send you details when everything is set.
I have a few other demo saddles I'm trying plus my old saddles that you can take a look at if you'd like.  I have demo's of a Sport Saddle, Big Horn, and ReactorPanel in addition to the Ortho-Flex, oooold Wintec, and Icelandic Treeless that my husband and I own.
I'm also trying to arrange to meet with Penny Bauer, the chiropractor/saddle fitter with the Equiscan (computerized saddle pad) at that time to help me assess the ReactorPanel for my horse.  If she can be there and you want a fitting with her, please let me know.
(aka michelle rowe)

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