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The real world & Ridecamp

Jude Hall
Hi everyone.  First, I'd like to mention that I am posting as
a guest because I wasn't able to handle all the mail at my
office.  I'm really an old ridecamper - note that I don't
say an old 'endurance rider' - don't want to be misunderstood
here! <g>

I've been reading the archives and following the various
threads and would like to comment on the LD thing.  (I've
seen it before, *several* times).

In the real world, I've not run across anyone at a ride
who made such a distinction - newbie, oldbie, 'real'
endurance rider, or *just* and LD'r...

I've found great support for everyone at the ride, and
a lot of camraderie and good humor.  The last LD ride I
rode in, I arrived at the half-way vet check to find
several people waiting to see if they could help me and
crew for me!  Wow.  What a treat - I'd never had a crew
before.  They were 50-milers (yes, *real* endurance
riders) who happened to be pulled that day.  I learned
a lot watching them take care of my horse and help me out.
No one acted as if I didn't know what I was doing - they
were just being helpful.  People seem genuinely pleased
to welcome a new person into the sport.

Anyway, although on Ridecamp you'll run across the
occasional person who makes a big deal and distinction
about having 'earned the right to be called a true
endurance rider' - I haven't seen that out on a ride.

I respect the true endurance riders on the trail and on
Ridecamp - they don't seem to have to tell everyone

Jude Hall
in Ohio
who may as well become a subscriber again -
love those archives!

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