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Re: RC: Wanted Your opinions, advise, and suggestions on my next saddle purchase

>    I have had an opportunity to see some of the similar Courbette
> models, and was very pleased with their quality. 

1) I had a Courbette Husar for years that I loved.  Very comfortable,
and EXTREMELY durable.  I believe it was foam, though, not wool flocked.
I recently sold it to my best friend because I had an opportunity to
pick up a used Stubben Tristan that fit my fussy horse much better.  I
do miss it a bit, but she really likes it.

2) If you can find yourself a used Stubben, you would be extremely
pleased with the quality of the materials and the workmanship.  They are
also wool flocked.  There are a couple of dressage models.  I spent
under $500 for one fifteen years ago (then sold it, like a DOPE).  Found
another one for a similar price this year, and snapped it up as quick as
I could.  That would fit under your budget, and leave you plenty to
spare for a couple nice pads, a change of stirrups, and a nice girth!

Have fun looking!
-Abby B

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