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Wanted Your opinions, advise, and suggestions on my next saddle purchase

Jennifer Smith
Hello, Sorry this is so long. : )
   I could really use some advise, suggestions, and opinions
on my next new saddle purchase.
I have been looking at the Courbette Vision, or Trenck VSD
models, (all purpose/dressage) and have also been looking at the
Rembrant All Purpose, Superba CC, and Victor Event, and the Laser
Cross Trainer. I am in an area that is
predominately western, and going to the tack store to look at
different saddles is not an option where I am. I have to do
everything through the mail.
I would like to hear anyone's opinion (good, or bad) on any of the
saddles that I mentioned above, specially if you have personal
experience with any of them. I am also open to suggestions of
different saddles that you think might fit my needs.
   I have had an opportunity to see some of the similar Courbette
models, and was very pleased with their quality. I have never sean
a Rembrant, or Laser in person, so I am not familiar with the quality,
craftsmanship, or suppleness of the leather.
   I would like to know how well the adjustable trees seam to fit that
are an option on some of the Rembrant's, and Laser's?
   I am looking for a saddle with more of a tendency towards
dressage, but that is still very close contact. I like to ride with a
longer stirrup. It needs to be made of a very high quality supple
leather, and have wool flocked panels. Knee rolls must be very
small to moderate, and of the tapered kind. I have not had an
opportunity to try anything with a thigh roll, or block. I am not
interested in any of the synthetic saddles. My price range is under
   My mare is wide backed, and high withered at the same time. a 32
centimeter tree seams to fit her well.
   One of the fitting problem that I have found with her, is with
saddles that the gullet narrows down to much underneath the
cantle at it's narrowest point. A lot of saddles narrow down to only
2", and under, and this ends up pinching, or sitting right on top of
her spine.
   The newer Crosby's have a nice wide gullet, and only narrow
down to 2 1/2", but their wide tree is only a 31 centimeter, and is to
narrow for my mare.
   I would really appreciate any input that you might have. If you
know of a not mentioned, that you think might suit my needs,
please feel free to mention it.
   I know that there are several saddle dealers that now have great
trial policies, but I need to know where to start, and do not know of
any that have trials on Rembrant saddles?
   Please Please Please help me. You can e-mail me directly, or post
to me on the board.
   I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance. Please e-mail me directly.

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