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RE: singing while riding

I love to sing... horse does the powerwalk for me which makes me quite 
happy! I think it helps motivate her to get this dreadful sqwalking creature 
home. If it is a great day I love irish tunes and gospel hymns. If she is 
being a tad diffacult she gets to hear some Kiss, Motley Crue, Van Halen, 
ZZtop, SRV, Clapton and METALLICA! If she is being a peon then we sing to 
the tune of *going to the chapel* with words like 'going to the glue factory 
gonna get creamated'that seems to cheer her mood, or mine for that matter.
Carla (working on my album)
Baru ( do they make horsesize earmuffs?)
Haley ( at least MY DADDY can SING!)
Rob ( want to hear some gospel anyone?)

Hey maybe if they had endurance riding/guitar playing/golf my husband would 
actually ride!!!!!

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