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RE: How fast are white hairs?

Just my experience mind you, but I don't believe that pigmented hair turns
gray. Typically the pigmented hair falls out during it's normal shedding
cycle or from an actual wound or injury and the new hair that grows in is
the gray hair. The cycle of shedding and coat replacement can take some
weeks so the white hair patches on your horse may or may not have been
caused by the one time use of the SS. Or did you use the SS for more than
one time?  Coarse, I could be incorrect about pigmented hair going white.
I've been wrong before. I think it was in 1969? (VBG)

Bonnie Snodgrass

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From: Denise Johnson []
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 1999 10:28 AM
Subject: RC: How fast are white hairs?

Hello.  My ten year old horse developed palm size white frostings in his
bay coat about one week after his last 50 on 10/23.   They are located
about 5 inches back from the withers and 3 inches down from the spine on
both sides.  This ride I used a Sport Saddle with a Skito pad with
inserts.  His winter coat came in over a month ago and ZERO white
hairs.  Can white hairs be caused by just one ride?
This same horse has been ridden in Orthoflex's and Boz for several years
with no white hairs. This year he did a LD in March with an OF; His
first 50 in mid-August with an OF; second 50 early Sept. with a BOZ;
third 50 late Sept. with a BOZ;  fourth 50 Oct. 23 with the SS.   All
50's he received A's on his back (if that really means anything).   He
has a extremely nice back and saddle fit has never been any problem.
These palm sized white frostings would be located just about where my
upper thighs would contact him.  I'm concerned the SS, being treeless,
caused a concentration of my weight in these areas (my wgt. 135 lbs.).
Anybody had any similiar experiences?  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Denise Johnson

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