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Re: RC: rider weight horse weight??????

For all those concerned about weight and riders,
  It's not necessarily the weight of the rider and the size of the horse,
it has much more to do with the horse being put together to last and the
riding technique of the person. Many of you know me, my horses carry 230,
be they big or small, and because they are built to last and I am a
heavyweight who rides lightly and adapts to each horse's way of traveling,
we survive, very well as a matter of fact, my horses and I have accumulated
many BC's. I also have also learned to pay attention to exactly how much a
horse or pony can and should do on any given day of a ride. And there are
so many other factors involved in successfully completeing the course in
shape to go on. It's not just the science of cannon bone thickness and
numbers. You would be surprised to meet the horses that actually did all
3,000 miles of my ride down the Continental Divide,  I had all kinds,
ponies to quarterhorses and I was never terribly concerned about all these
details that are constantly being picked apart on RideCamp, I just needed
well built horses that kept their weight and good feet because they were
never shod. So everybody, whatever you have, big, little, gaited or
nongaited, just ride, really ride and enjoy the trail ! Dru in Arizona
> From: Lynette Helgeson <>
> To: Jim & Dolly Miller <>
> Cc: Ridecamp <>;
> Subject: RC:  RC: rider weight  horse weight??????
> Date: Thursday, November 04, 1999 6:53 AM
> Dear Dolly and Sandy and anyone who thinks like them,
> This summer I rode a 13.1 hh arab/welsh cross. I am 5'9" and
> with
> tack weigh over 200 lbs. This pony weights around 600 lbs. So
> with
> our weight combined, this pony, Cloud Dancer, was carrying
> around 
> 800 lbs down the trail. 
> Take me and put me on a 15 hh, 1000 lbs horse, our combined
> weight
> for this horse to carry would be 1200 lbs! that is 400 more lbs
> than
> Cloud Dancer had to carry. So when Cloud Dancer is going down
> the trail
> with me on his back he has less weight to carry  and an easier
> job, then the bigger 15 hh horse has.  
> So the question is, is it fair for these big, tall horses,
> having to work so hard to carrying all of their extra weight,
> plus your butt down the trail, when a smaller horse could do it
> so much easier? :-)
> Oh and by the way, Cloud Dancer, (carrying me) got first and
> second places, high and clean vet scores. No filling on the
> legs, no sore back, the vets could not fault him. And this was
> his first season. 
> Lynette and Cloud Dancer, the wonder pony
> Jim & Dolly Miller wrote:
> > 
> > I don't think that it's fair. The rider size should match the horse
> > size. Arabians are strong but why push a small horse to their limit
> > your weight. Aren't we asking enough of them by riding the miles that
> > do.
> > Dolly
> > 
> > Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 07:45:35 EST
> > From:
> > To:,
> > Subject: RC:     Rider weight -horse weight/?????????
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> > In a message dated 11/3/99 0:46:17 AM EST, writes:
> > 
> > << The Jim Jones Award for stallions was in honor of Jim Jones and his
> > stallion,
> >  Rowell.  Rowell was a tiny little thing and Jim was over 6' and not
> > tiny.
> >  They did just fine...........Maryben >>
> > 
> > But is it fare to ask a tiny horse to carry that much weight, ofcourse
> > being
> > Arabs their going to try their heart out for you.
> > 
> > Sandy
> > Sorrento, FL
> > 
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