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Re: Bioscan Therapy

I have used Bioscan therapy on my horse several times this past year.  I
had noticed he was "off" for awhile.  Not lame but not "right".  Nelson
said I was just paranoid.  One of our clients does Bioscan so she came
over.  His right side indicated he had some muscle strain...he had been
hanging his head off to the left (which I learned is a compensation
mechanism) and after some discussion, I remembered that he had been kicked
in his right hind end (around the gaskin muscle I think it is called) and
still had somewhat of a bump there.  She treated him with the lights and I
noticed an improvement in his gait AND in his attitude.  In fact, it was
the following weekend he won BC on a 25 LD.  While riding with Nelson a few
days later just after an overnight rain so the trail was fresh and clean,
he noticed how short strided Jonathan was in the right side....he had
always moved just fine but it took actually riding next to us and looking
down for him to notice it.  He was several inches shorter in fact.  So Kate
came and scanned and treated Jonathan again giving special attention to the
bump.  Within days, we noticed that the bump looked dimpled.  She has
treated it again and it seems to be changing shape which we hope means it
is breaking up that scar tissue.  He isn't nearly as short strided as he
was and seems to be almost equal now.  Kate also came and treated
Jonathan's back after I sored it.  He had a big lump which we thought was a
fluid filled cyst on his back in the sored area (personally, I felt so bad
I was sure his vertebrae might start popping out all over to punish me for
hurting THAT'S paranoid!).  We had agreed to have the vet come
and drain it if it didn't go down.  Kate treated it and 2 days later, it
was only noticeable if you ran your hand over the spot. I am sold on
bioscan.  Check out the info on their website.  Kate charges $40 for the
scan and light therapy.  Good luck and let us know what you think!!

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
McBain, Michigan

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