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Re: RC: Singing while riding

(Can't carry a tune to save my
>soul! ;-))  Besides...never could remember the words to a song or the punch
>line of a joke.  What do those of you with similar impairments

BROADWAY SHOW TUNES! I had an Arab gelding that I was in the process of 
transitioning from show ring to trail and he just wouldn't settle down (he'd 
never been ridden out alone before). I started going through my repertoire 
of hit songs from musicals, everything from Brigadoon to Hair. He 
particularly loved my rendition of "The Sun'll Come Up Tomorrow" from Annie 
(I thought it was pretty swell, too). Wish I could have run across us out on 
the trail, with off-key (I'm sure) strains of "Tomorrow, tomorrow..." 
wafting through the air and the gelding just plodding along peacefully, ears 
swiveling like mad...

If you really want to blow their minds, try using their name over and over 
instead of the lyrics to a song (assuming they *know* their name, of 

Bonnie—who is probably riding alone jest a little too much for proper mental 
health—in AZ

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