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Arab that drops head:

A friend of mine asked for your help. She has a 5 year old Arab gelding
that drops his head, almost to the ground, on every 3rd to 8th stride at
a lope or canter. She has free lunged him, first without anything and he
did pretty good, with very little head dropping. Then put a saddle on
him and he dropped his head with more frequency. She added a snaffle bit
and he became worse. She cannot maintain a balanced seat on him because
every time he drops his head it interrupts his gait and throws her
balance off. She has been told that he is stretching his back or that he
is adjusting his balance and to let him do it, unfortunately it is very
uncomfortable for her and she cannot help but think it is just as
uncomfortable to him. She would like to discover the cause of his
problem and correct it rather than treat the problem with mechanical
devices or restraints. You can e-mail her
direct<> or I will copy anything you send to ride
camp. Thanks Pam

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