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Re: Arab that drops head:

No problem Just suggest to your friend that she forget good riding and enter
him in a Western Pleasure class and they'll clean up.
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From: Pam and Larry Hollinshead <>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 5:06 PM
Subject: RC: Arab that drops head:

> A friend of mine asked for your help. She has a 5 year old Arab gelding
> that drops his head, almost to the ground, on every 3rd to 8th stride at
> a lope or canter. She has free lunged him, first without anything and he
> did pretty good, with very little head dropping. Then put a saddle on
> him and he dropped his head with more frequency. She added a snaffle bit
> and he became worse. She cannot maintain a balanced seat on him because
> every time he drops his head it interrupts his gait and throws her
> balance off. She has been told that he is stretching his back or that he
> is adjusting his balance and to let him do it, unfortunately it is very
> uncomfortable for her and she cannot help but think it is just as
> uncomfortable to him. She would like to discover the cause of his
> problem and correct it rather than treat the problem with mechanical
> devices or restraints. You can e-mail her
> direct<> or I will copy anything you send to ride
> camp. Thanks Pam
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