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Re: RC: Doing more than you think!

I do really enjoy the rides - more so actually during the last loop.  That's
when I really get to talk to my horse and appreciate all the hard work she
does for me!  HOWEVER, I am usually really glad to be finished - especially
on a slow 50 (11:59 hours!!!!).  An interesting thing happened at the
Lakeside ride in April 1999.  I had only done 2 LD rides before and have
done 50's from then on.  Since I was starting my new horse, I decided to
ride only the 25.  I was so disappointed to be finished.  I would have given
any amount of money to have kept going!

Karen & Montoya DSA

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    All I have to do is think that "Pretty soon this will be all over, and
then it's back home and back to everyday city life and work."  I'm one of
rare people that can't stand it when the ride is done.  Maybe that is why I
love multi days so much.  Of course, I'm also lucky as to have the
opportunity to share the trails with my wonderful husband and some great
Tammy Robinson

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