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BC at FEI vs. AERC

I think some of the problem with BC recognition may be coming from the
different treatment it receives at FEI events and AERC events. 
when you cannot remember Dubai who need to remember that FEI rules were
being used. I was very confused at Dubai last year but discovered that
everything I knew about the AERC formula did not apply to FEI judging
for BC.  

While AERC has a specific formula that calculates vet scores, weight and
time, the FEI events don't even look at most of those factors.  My
impressions of BC at Dubai centered on which horse was flashiest the
next day. It occurred to me that stallions would have a definite
advantage and "pretty" horses would prevail over basic looking horses
since the time factor and weight and even vet scores were never used. It
just came down to what look good "the morning after".  For those doing
FEI events, this seems to be normal and they really don't complain about

Okay vets who do both FEI and AERC judging for BC--tell us the
difference and what you think about the two.

Joane and the Herd
Price, Utah

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