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Re: RC: BC vs. first (and arrogant oldies)

In a message dated 11/2/99 6:33:26 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  I actually won that TWICE out of over 70
 horses.  I was just a terribly mediocre person.

I loved this Angie!  I TRY really hard to finish exactly middle of the pack 
-- one of my personal goals :) --  You would be amazed at how many times you 
can achieve this.  And I mean EXACT middle of the pack.  I'm kinda proud of 
my abilities here!  I've been "beat out" a couple a times by rookies who 
didn't realize they were in contention.  It is an art form being "middle of 
the pack" 'cause you have no way of knowing how many people are actually 
going to finish a ride.  Anyway, that's my own private little competition.  
Now you all know  !


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