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Re: Rider weight -horse weight

I read that some height-disadvantaged breeds such as Icelandics can carry
even higher percentages - which is why such small horses are suitable for
large adults.  Anyone know what the percentages are for ponies, mules,

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> << How much weight can a horse safely carry?    Seems like I remember it
>  being about 20% of  its body weight.  I'm asking for a friend.  How much
>  weight can a 4yr. old 14.3 carry?.  To me this is not a horse for a
>  heavy weight. What is your opinion? >>
> 25% used to be the old rule of thumb, but many successful endurance horses
> are carrying 30% or more.  As to what a 4-year-old that is 14:3 can
> carry--how much substance does he have?  One of my older stallions is not
> quite 14:3, but he weighs in at 975 in running shape and has 9" cannon
> circumference.  He is a GREAT heavyweight horse.  I've seen 15:2 horses
> far less substance who break down with small riders.  As to age--that
> more difference on what speed and distance he can cover than it does what
> weight he can carry.  4-year-olds are not yet mature.  He could likely
> conditioning with a heavyweight IF he is a horse with sufficient
> and if he is sufficiently fit, he might even be able to complete an
> occasional LD ride.  He will not be mature until he is 7 or so--and by
> if he is conditioned to carrying a heavyweight beginning now, he will be
> ready to do about as well as he is capable of doing.
> Heidi
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