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Fwd: RC: Re:Liberty Run with the kid: Part DONE

Juniors must be with their sponsor at all times.  The only time the one 
minute rule comes into play is at the finish line, not at any of the vet 

A junior must stay with the same sponsor and can only change sponsors at vet 
checks with the ride management's consent and knowledge.  There are a very 
few exceptions to this rule and "wanting to go faster" is not one of them.  
They may change on the trail only in an "emergency" where the riders or 
horses may not continue safely to a check point.

I'm sorry Howard, but I would have pulled the junior [harsh as that may seem] 
 and I also would have pulled the sponsor who let them go on. The sponsor 
would be pulled regardless but the junior would be pulled only if I was 
certain that they just did what they were told and did not understand it was 
against the rules, assuming that they should not be held accountable for not 
knowing the rules.  However, all of my juniors started riding 50's with me at 
age 5 the youngest and age 11 the oldest and they knew all of the rules and 
made no mistakes that could possibly get them in trouble.  I think the big 
thing here is that the juniors were not properly prepared to enter a ride.....

Maryben Stover
Chair AERC Junior Committee

---- Begin included message ----
> I'm actually considering going to the tent and taking a fifteen minute nap,
> when I see Jen and Rebel come in.  She's riding behind another rider named
> Barbara, a friend of Sandy's and one of the "gang."  I look at my watch and
> can't believe how fast Jen got back, even thought it was just a ten mile
> loop.  Then I do the math and realize Jen has just beaten my best total ride
> time for a 25 mile run.  And this on a silly Arab who will not pass another
> horse when I ride him.  Barbara tells me that Sandy didn't want to go that
> fast, but Rebel did, so she took Jen with her.

Jen was officially sponsored by Sandy, but left Sandy on the 2nd loop to
ride faster and finish with Barbara instead.  Isn't there a rule about
juniors staying with sponsors? Completion times within one minute of one
another?  Isn't that the whole purpose of sponsorship -- that there is one
adult responsible for this child, who will be right with this child
throughout the ride?  How did this happen?
I've been waiting on this one. Come on Howard, set us straight, please.
Linda Parrish
in the piney woods of east Texas
---- End included message ----

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