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Re: RC: Re:Liberty Run with the kid: Part DONE

In a message dated 11/2/99 9:12:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< Jen was officially sponsored by Sandy, but left Sandy on the 2nd loop to
 ride faster and finish with Barbara instead.  Isn't there a rule about
 juniors staying with sponsors? Completion times within one minute of one
 another?  Isn't that the whole purpose of sponsorship -- that there is one
 adult responsible for this child, who will be right with this child
 throughout the ride?  How did this happen?
 I've been waiting on this one. Come on Howard, set us straight, please.

uhhhh, I don't know?  How did this happen?  haha.  I don't even think I 
notified management about the first switch from me to Sandy.  What a 
rulebreaker I am!

Hey, I keep telling y'all if you believe everything I put down in writing I'm 
going to start having to attach a disclaimer to these things.  I have two 
goals when I write this stuff.  

Two)  To not take your horses or yourselves so seriously (I'm afraid alot of 
you are guilty here)
Three)  Oooppps, guess theres more goals.  To GET YOUR ATTENTION.
Four)  To try and bring some fun to our sport.  Too many rules, restrictions 
and bad calls will eliminate this and people like me will quit driving 500 
miles or more to rides that are not enjoyable.

I was wondering if any of you would catch that sponsorship thing.  Sure did 
take you long enough.  Didn't think this dumb ole Southern redneck could fool 
you for so long.  But so many of you jumped on me for criticizing the Vet you 
missed the switching of the sponsor.  And then somehow we went back to the LD 
thing and what constitutes a "true endurance rider".  As to the lady who made 
some disparaging remarks about how and what I'm teaching my daughter with all 
this all I can say is, "don't camp next to me."  All I can say was goal 
number 3 was more than met with this last story.


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