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Re: my new John Fallis saddle

I have a circa 50's Fallis saddle, made by the father.  The web site has a
photo of one almost like mine.  My husband just happened upon it, covered
with dust, in a pawn shop.  It has a green leather seat, bought it for $80.
It's not fancy but it's the best fitting saddle I have, and it is
comfortable.  So, the moral of the story:  you can never tell where you
might find your saddle!
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From: Michael or Susie Jones <>
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Date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 12:12 PM
Subject: RC: my new John Fallis saddle

>Last fall, I did two 100 mile rides on Genie Wunderlich's Grand Drubaska
>(Bitsey).  I used Genie's John Fallis saddle & liked it so much that in
>December I ordered one for myself.  I was expecting to get it in late
>August, but due to some "production problems" (the tree-maker temporarily
>lost his source of wood) the saddle was not shipped to me until October
>15th.  Since it came to Miami, NM via Miami, FL, I did not receive it until
>October 27th.  I was to meet Genie at the Paso Del Norte on October 29th to
>once again ride Bitsey on a 100 miler.
>So I "broke the saddle in" (and I use this term very loosely!) by riding in
>it for 15 minutes on Wednesday and then soaking the stirrup leathers with
>water and using a stick & weight to turn the stirrups to the proper
>(left the stick/weight on the saddle for 24 hours).  On Friday afternoon, I
>rode Bitsey in it for about 1/2 hour.  The saddle was now "ready" for it's
>first 100!
>We rode at a conservative pace and did the 100 miler in about 12 hours 45
>minutes (excluding vet check hold times).  I was very surprised by how
>comfortable I was throughout the ride.  I was even more suprised when I was
>not a bit stiff the next morning nor the next evening (after driving 8 1/2
>hours to get home).  I think I'm gonna LOVE this saddle!
>If anyone wants more info, John Fallis' phone# is 307-737-2264.  He's got a
>web site, but I've forgotten the address.
>I'm just offering this as another possibility to check-out whenever
>doing "the great saddle search"!
>Susie Jones, AERC# 7997
>Miami, NM
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