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Re: poison plants

Maybe I'm adding fuel to the fire here, but, the people who want to preserve
native plants are concerned about horses using national forest trails.  My
understanding from a previous post is that Oleander comes from Asia--is NOT
native to California.  Anyway, maybe this is a way for us to team up with
the native plant preservation folks--we could ALL be against oleander.  God
knows, no TRAIL riding horse is carrying oleander seeds anywhere.
N. Ca

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> << You are starting a petetion to eradicate a PLANT!!!  >>
> No, not trying to eradicate the plant.  Simply trying to get the CA
> department to discontinue its policy of using oleander as a median for
> thousands and thousands of miles of divided highways, and to remove the
> that it has already put there over many years.  This has been a very
> artificial use of the plant, way beyond how it grows in nature.  If it is
> eradicated IN THE HIGHWAY SYSTEM and no longer used as an ornamental by
> public agencies, that doesn't mean by ANY stretch that it will stamp it
> the face of the earth.  It thrived long before there was a government to
> reproduce it like wildfire, for goodness sake.  This plant is a SERIOUS
> health hazard to animals and humans.  Its flagrant propagation by the
> government, IMO, is just as outrageous as the wholesale passing out of
> experimental pills to our Gulf War forces by the military, leaving many
> serious and permanent neurological damage.  The problem here is a
> that doesn't check the facts before going off on some half-baked scheme,
> the preservation of the hardy and plentiful oleander!
> Heidi
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