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Re: RC: Unidentified subject!

In a message dated 11/2/99 7:34:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< From Mary Forrester in Oregon,  Now there's a great idea. Heidi Smith has 
been announcing vet scores on every horse shown for BC for all they years 
that I have been in this game. Is she the only one? >>

Thanks, Mary.  It seems to be a pretty uncommon practice. but I have seen a 
few other vets who do it.  Thanks for the compliment.  For those who are not 
familiar with the practice, our BC presentations are usually left until last. 
 The head vet gets up with the forms, announces that X number of horses 
judged (may be all 10 that were eligible, may be only a few) and that you 
want to give credit to all who had judgeable horses.  Then you start 
anouncing the scores from the bottom up, including making a mention of who 
had the high vet score (may or may not be the horse that got the actual 
award).  Makes the presentation suspenseful, too, as the horses are announced 
one by one until only the winner is left.  It is also a way of giving a pat 
on the back to folks who had either outstanding vet scores or whose overall 
scores were very close to that of the winner.


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