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Wild Horses

It is past the voting date of October 28th that was mentioned in the post 
re:  states having more control over the management of the feral horses and 
burros but I did want to mention that the federal government is not always 
the 'see all, know all' of anything including management of the free 
roaming horses.  An interesting example is what happened this past 
week-end.  30+ of these horses were running on private land near and 
crossing a major highway.  A group of private individuals assisted by the 
STATE range manager rounded up this group and transported them to a safer, 
friendlier environment where there is plenty of feed and water.  We have 
many of these critters around our own place and I take exception to the 
statement that these animals are target practice unless supervised by our 
big brother in D.C.  If the feds had acted on the aforementioned example, 
these animals would have been transported to holding pens for 
adoption.  The bottom line is there is much to be said for states dealing 
with their own and there is an argument for the feds to be involved in this 
management as well.  Just be sure your re-action is based on fact and not 
emotion.  It's a tough issue and no one has all the answers but I truly 
believe in my state we are better able to deal with this issue than someone 
sitting at a desk in Washington.

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