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First vs. BC

Ok, stepping in to stir the pot. (As a newbie/25/50 mile
rider.) I'll try to keep this short and to the point!!
(Imagine, I can hear you all clapping and cheering now!!)
Just for "fun" I looked up Tevis in a search engine, (1998)
went to and I
am sorry to say, couldn't find who won BC. (I remembered it
was a mule) but was still dissappointed to not see anything
but placings and times. Even the section for Haggin Cup
placings never gave the winner. Even the Tevis page now,
shows the first award as 1st to cross the finish line, with
the BC award farther down the page. We might be a country
of "winners" and who is first, but do we have to be a sport
that follows that same line of thinking? (I am speaking
generally folks, I know not everyone does this!) Anyway, if
"to finish is to win" then why do we hold the winners in
such high regard?

And lastly, I know that the top ten placing goes towards
BC, but how interesting would the results be if next to the
top ten placings was the BC placings? What would we find?
Would a higher percentage of 1st/2nd/3rd place horses be at
the bottom of the BC placings? Just wondering of course!
But does anyone know, and don't you think it would be
something that us "newbies" could learn from? In a world of
winning, racing, being the fastest and best, it would give
the message that endurance riders don't have to fit that

That's all, just my little old opinion! (And no bashing!
Yes, it can be done!!)

Heidi              /\_/\~
                 ~~/~~  \\~~~~
                  /   O> ) \~~~~~
                 /    __/   \~~~~~~
                (_@_/  |     \~~~~
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