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AERC Elections

The AERC office has sent out ballots for the election of Regional
Directors and for the Bylaw Amendment to change the definition of LD from
"0 to 49 miles" back to "25 to 35 miles".  I urge everyone to vote.  If
you only received the Amendment Ballot, then only two people nominated in
your region.  The regions that won't hold an election are:  SE - Susan
Kasemeyer and Duane Barnett, DVM  ~  MT - Dean Jackson and Susan
Schomburg ~ and the PSW - Terry Wooley Howe and Mike Tomlinson, DVM.
All other regions of AERC have contested elections, which I think is
healthy for the organization.  

Even if your region will not have an election for Regional Director, I
would like to see a large voter turnout on the Bylaw issue.  In our last
Bylaw Amendment vote we had a very small voter participation which, in my
opinion, was not representative of the membership. I think it is very
important that every member of AERC vote on the issue of what defines
Limited Distance mileage.  

Randy Eiland   

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