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Bad Matches

A recent post about the man who was badly matched with his Morgan and
wouldn't consider selling to an endurance rider struck a chord with me on
the subject of bad matches.

No names, of course, but a man has been coming around the property where I
live where the property owners raise Arabians. This man wants an Arabian
horse real bad. He buys a 15hh green broke gelding. This man is about 6 foot
6 inches and he is very green. The horse he's purchased is quite spooky,
along with being green. The man is not only green about riding skills, but
about horse relationship skills. The man and the horse didn't work from the
start (surprise) and the man backed out of the deal (fortunately for the

It was recommended to the man that he get some riding lessons and
refamiliarize himself with working with horses. It was advice he has yet to
take more than a year later. This man "had a horse as a kid," but hasn't
ridden in over 20 years. Sound familiar?

To date, this man still does not have a horse, and has still not taken any
lessons - doesn't need to, I suppose. Just has to find the right horse :-)

The owners of the Arabians have told him they won't sell him a horse unless
he gets lessons. Good for them!

BTW, I've ridden the horse the man had trouble with, and the horse has
always given me a good ride. Green, spooky, lacks self confidence because
he's green, but willing and well intentioned. A nice horse (but never an
endurance prospect, the little fatty!).

T'Lara J. Freedom
Calgary, AB

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