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Re: RC: Re: LD, kids competing etc.

In a message dated 11/1/99 6:34:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  However, just food for thought....we
 all remember Valerie Kanavy crossed the finish line first in Dubai.  How
 many of us can remember who won BC?  Sorry, I can't. >>

I guess it's all a matter of perspective, but I DO remember who won the BC in 
Dubai--not his name, because I don't know the man, but he was one of the UAE 
riders and he was 5th, I think.  And Christy and Tang at the 97 Pan Am from 
2nd place.  And Rio at the WEC in 96 from about 7th place, with a lease rider 
to boot.  (That one was REALLY special, since Rio is practially an 
institution.)  And Marcia doing a gold AND a BC with On A High in Flagstaff 
in 95, with Ona and Dandy McCoy runners-up from 10th place.  Yup, some of us 
DO remember the BC's--likely because it means something to us.


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