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Re: RC: hill work and mud

> Which leads me to my question. I'm very concerned about protecting her
> legs since this filly doesn't have a CLUE how to protect herself. I
> always work with splint boots or sports medicine boots because of this.

I'm inclined to agree about the boots.  If you're doing your
conditioning gradually, the way you should (and it sounds like the way
you are), then the stresses to the legs will be gradually increased as
will the strength of the bones, tendons, ligaments.  This stress causes
the strengthening of the tissues, though, through progressive loading.

If you use the SMB's to prevent the stresses on the legs, you'll also be
preventing the strengthening of the legs.  You can't protect them from
everything if you want them strong.

Keep up the good work.
(and as for trotting uphill? sure!)

-Abby B

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