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BC and LD

I think BC means a lot to all of us at the time, but only people who truly
involved in the sport, like Heidi, can really recite the BC's.  It would be
nice if the introduction to the sport (LD) emphasized BC more than it seems
to (from someone who doesn't know).  Is there ever any thought of having
LD's ranked in order of BC and NOT in order of finish?  If it's already
being done, is it done regularly?  I would just think that for LD that's the
part you want people to really strive for.

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> <<  However, just food for thought....we
>  all remember Valerie Kanavy crossed the finish line first in Dubai.  How
>  many of us can remember who won BC?  Sorry, I can't. >>
> I guess it's all a matter of perspective, but I DO remember who won the BC
> Dubai--not his name, because I don't know the man, but he was one of the
> riders and he was 5th, I think.  And Christy and Tang at the 97 Pan Am
> 2nd place.  And Rio at the WEC in 96 from about 7th place, with a lease
> to boot.  (That one was REALLY special, since Rio is practially an
> institution.)  And Marcia doing a gold AND a BC with On A High in
> in 95, with Ona and Dandy McCoy runners-up from 10th place.  Yup, some of
> DO remember the BC's--likely because it means something to us.
> Heidi
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