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Re: RC: Re: Uh-Oh! The LD thing again

In a message dated 10/31/99 4:28:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<<  The "renowned" farrier said that the horse was "fine".  We do
 have experience with this having had a MFT and my sister rides a TWH. 
 Usually when pointed out that this is the horse's natural way of going, the
 vets take that into consideration.

The "renowned" farrier is a farrier, not a vet.  I was at this ride and the 
vets there were more than competent.  Most specialize in Equine medicine, and 
can tell if a TWH or any other gaited horse is lame or sound.  If it passed a 
vet check and got pulled at the finish, then the horse was lame.  Just 
because a horse is gaited doesn't mean they are never lame.  

  And, I believe Howard said that the girl did receive a
 completion.  Yeah, vets are there to protect the horses but some times
 there ARE vets who are not terribly experienced with horses and think that
 those gaited horses who move their feet everywhichaway must be lame.  

Again these vets, one of wish is pretty renowned as the Chef d'Equipe at the 
Pan Am games for the East team, are very experienced.  
  My very first ride was a LD ride, many many years ago, no comments on my 
age please!  I did what we tell everyone to do, start with what you have, in 
my case an appaloosa.  I was a junior rider at the time, and we didn't have a 
clue (little of one now!).  I was ready to leave the vet check and head out 
on my last loop, with my sponsor.  They hadn't checked Toqua's pulse yet, and 
I was already on him.  So Larry Bentley DVM (any of you old timers remember 
him?) walked up  and took his pulse.  Since I had already mounted, Toqua was 
wired and his pulse was up.  Larry Bentley Grabbed my face in his hands and 
said "little girl (I was at the time) I want you to go out, smell the 
flowers, take your time but don't bring this horse back with any sweat on 
him."  I nodded, and mom and I left at a sedate pace, and as soon as we got 
out of sight moved at a better pace.  We knew why the horses pulse was up.  I 
brought him back without any sweat on him though!
Nina Gibson AERC 2800

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