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Tennesse Walking Horse Fans

Lauren Horn said:

>I was given a 7 book set (Vol. 1-7) of Tennesse Walking Horse Breeders
>Association Registry Books which list all the registered horses. These
>books are hardbound and are from 1938 to 1946. Anyone know if these are
>valuable to someone? I don't know a thing about this breed, but someone
I'd call up Robin Bledsoe.  She is the largest used horse book
dealer in the US.  Her store is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The phone is:  617-576-3634.  She can tell you what she'd ask
for them, and point you on to other sources.

I'd also try Barbara Cole of October Farm, another used horse
book and ephemera dealer.  She handles more of the saddleseat
stuff than Bledsoe does.  Prices paid tend to be lower, and prices
asked, higher.  I don't have a phone number off-hand, but she
lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I don't know what the deal is with the Walking Horses, but most of
the Morgan Horse registries have been reprinted.  The difference in
value between an original and a reprint is large.

And there's always an archive search on eBay!  Bledsoe told me the
prices paid on eBay tend to be high.

Linda B. Merims
Masschusetts, USA

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