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Re: Good Morning America Tape Update


Since the interview wasn't that great I am very ambivalent about the tape.
If you all get it back to me, fine.  If not, ... no great loss!  If anyone
else wants to look at it, let one of these ladies know!

Karen & Montoya DSA

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     Just to let everyone know the "plan" as I have it for Karen's tape.

     It will be shipped out tomorrow to:

     Teddy Lancaster
     1348 Township Road 256
     Kitts Hill, Ohio, 45645

     From there it should go to:

     Sandy Bradford
     24828 Walkabout Ranch Road
     Sorrento, Fl   32776

     And then it should go back to Karen.  (Karen included a return
     envelope with her name & address)

     Thanks Karen, for letting me borrow the tape.  Sorry it has taken so
     long to get it going again.  I loaned it out to some friends here.  We
     were all pretty stunned.  Even though I tried to keep an open mind and
     think about how nice it was for the sport to get national recognition,
     I couldn't get over the way they treated a World Champion.  Icky.

     Kenzie & Zane (*I* would have pooped on Katie Couric!)
     Birmingham, AL

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