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Trotting on command

HOW do you make, request, convince your horse to trot beside you?  I've
tried using a dressage whip in my left hand to tap her on the hip behind
me as we go, but get NO response at all.  I have this same problem with
my Appaloosa colt as well and I've been working with him with the
dressage whip and John Lyons' tactics since May.  Still no trot unless
there's something he wants to go look at in the direction I'm leading

I'd like to ride Special in CTR and endurance in the Spring, but am a
little concerned about being able to get her to trot (gait) out for the
judges.  Also, are most judge's experienced with gaited horses?  Will I
get counted off if, for example, she trots for the check in and then
gaits at the check out?  

Any advice on either matter would be appreciated.


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