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2 new subjects (products) fencing/pads (hoof)

In my new EQUUS magazine there are some "new to me" products that I am curious about.

1. LUWEX pads, of course they are recommended by many people, one being Jaye Perry (Farrier for USA East Endurance Team and also by an endurance rider I think from the Pan-Am games-Amanda Taylor I think, don't have it right in front of me at this time.) Here's the link

2. Electrobraid fencing: Looks like a rope only with electric fence "wiring" built in. Looks nice, looks easy to install. Here's the link

Anyone out there know anything about these two products? I am especially interested in the pads for our tender-footed Classy.  Thanks guys!

Heidi (in wet, gray Yacolt, Washington)




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