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Lake Oroville Vista Endurance Ride

Dorothy Foster
Hello Ridecampers,
I have been really busy as ride secretary for the LOVE Ride, but I felt I had to write to assure all of you that if the good Lord's willing and the creek (Feather River) don't rise, the ride will go as scheduled. I don't know where the rumors get started, but as far as I know there are no problems with the trail. There may have been some delays with sending out entry forms (I confess I spent a long weekend in Point Reyes enjoying the trails) in the last week, but otherwise everything is on schedule as far as I know. If you have experienced trouble getting ride info, please call me at (530) 589-4624. Kathy Papa is ride manager, but she is also employed full-time and since this is her first endurance ride (as manager) as well as the first for this area, she is swamped with calls on her time.

Good news for those people who have already sent in their entries with the $10.00 post entry penalty. If you will give me a SASE at the ride, I will refund it to you after the ride. We feel that we made the date a little too early and want to be fair to those that paid it up front.

Thank you all for the interest in the ride. Please remember that we are all volunteers doing this for the very first time and we are trying to do our best.

May your buns never ache and your girth never break.

Dorothy Foster
(Who will be back on the trail with Jaz next year)

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