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Re: Trotting on command

Rhonda wrote:
> HOW do you make, request, convince your horse to trot beside you?  I've
> tried using a dressage whip in my left hand to tap her on the hip behind
> me as we go, but get NO response at all.

It's in your body language.  You need to watch what your
body is telling your horse.  If you gently relax and offer
your shoulder and "ask" your horse to go with you.  Put
some enthusiasm into your voice and your step.  Don't
expect her to trot if you're being lazy.

That said, I taught Blue to do a nice trot out by constantly
asking him to trot with me everywhere... especially to his
bucket.  :)  We'd untack and I'd put his bucket into his
paddock and then when I put him back, I asked him to trot
with me... being very careful to always use the same body
language, and always use body language that not only encouraged
him to go with me, but also go enthusiastically.  Now he loves
trotting out and back.  OK, so I also bribe him with carrots,
but not until we're done with the trot out and back.  No whip.

Got it from my dog show days.  All they need to know is that
there is a carrot in your pocket and if they do the right
stuff, they get a bite.  And I'm dead serious about your
body language too.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

:) - Kat Myers
in No. Cal. with Magnum the TB ex-racer
and Mr Maajistic... aka "Blue"

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