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RE: Re: RE: High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???

Title: RE: Re: RE: High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???

Laney, & all,

The "Wuff's" that you hear at the canter is the horse breathing in time to their stride... a very efficient method of breathing as it uses their rocking motion at a canter to help to move their diaphragm.  My old mare sounded like a steam engine as she "wuffed" along.  Her rolling canter was her gait of choice.  (Good thing - her trot was lousy to ride!)

If you pay close attention, you can see a breathing rhythm at the trot, too.  If you post for a period of time on one diagonal, then change diagonals, watch the horse take several strides before he gets his breathing back in rhythm.  I tend to change posting diagonals by 2 pointing for an extra stride rather than sitting down onto the back like I would in dressage or the hunt ring.  It seems to throw him off less.  Before I change diagonals, I also give a very tiny half halt to signal that a change is about to happen.  Sometimes I think the horse gets so into the rhythm that he is startled by a change with no warning.

Linda Flemmer

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From: Laney Humphrey []
Subject: RC: Re: RE: High headed? "Collection" at "extension"???

Hi Frank,
    that my horse becomes
more relaxed and starts breathing soft "wuffles" with each stride (esp. at the
canter).  I'm assuming he feels more comfortable as he learns to use all parts of
his body correctly

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