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Re: sidepull recommendations

>I'm considering getting him a proper sidepull, with the rings on the side.
I >think this might give me just the extra bit of control and more direct
turning >aids than the rope halter. So, does anyone regularly ride in a
sidepull? If so, >what kind? Does the noseband material make a difference?
I've seen them with >nylon nosebands and some kind of stiff rope, and
leather as well. Would a vosal >be another good option? Any wisdom would be
appreciated. Thanks! 
>Chelle and Mystik Star

The three of us here that ride out pretty regularly all ride with
side-pulls.  Two of us have the stiff rope kind that I have padded with vet
wrap and then wrapped with the wrap they put on the handles of golf clubs
and tennis rackets (the neoprene stuff) to protect the nose.  The other
horse rides in the "halter" type.  All of the side-pulls have bit adapters
that we frequently use, depending on the situation.  

The horses in the stiff side-pulls are a bit more "enthusiastic" <g> in
their nature (an Arab and half-Arab geldings -- Cabby and Blaze) and the
horse in the halter design is a pretty consistent tractable Standardbred
mare (Story).  We use the bits at the beginning of our riding sessions if
we're unsure of how *high* their enthusiasm might be that day and also when
we want to work on some dressage techniques that involve a bit -- like
practicing using it correctly. ;-)  The two rambuncous boys use a solid
mouth, low port Kimberwicke and the mare uses her French link.  (The other
two work in a French link in the arena.)

I have one horse (Blue) that will probably never be in a sidepull because
she can be *very* bossy when it comes to food along the trail and tries to
rip the arms out of their sockets of younger, smaller riders.  This mare is
incredibly strong and has a voracious appetite...and an air fern who lives
in the diet pen all year 'round!! ;-)  Anyway, Blue responds very well to a
Kimberwick and will probably stay there ...but who knows, things always
change.  I do like the sidepull on the other horses tho!  They are advanced
enough in their training (as well as their riders ;-)) that they respond to
the sidepull the same as they do their French link bits, which are very
mild but efficient. 


Chelle -- sorry that I couldn't send this response directly to you also.
Whenever someone sends a post in with *stylized or HTML text* something
happens to the rest of my digest.  The remaining *everything* gets lumped
into one solid paragraph -- all of the posts, quotes, and headers together
(which makes it hard to read!)...but it also strips the sender's email
address out of the header.  Strange...and very, VERY annoying.  Makes it
hard to respond to the sender of the original post!
Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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