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Re: RC: sidepull recommendations

Hi Chelle,
    I've just started using a sidepull on one of my horses.  Diana Thompson had a great article about them in her "Whole Horse Journal," last month.  She recommended 3 makes: hers, one by Cowboy Tack and one by Linda Tellington-Jones.  These all have straps under the jowl which keeps the headpiece in place and prevents sidesways slipping.  I'm using the Cowboy Tack one with the noseband of 2 pieces of nylon rope.  (2 being milder than 1.)  I'm using it on my 4.5yo Spanish Mustang, Dino, who is really mild mannered but has his own ideas about where we should be going sometimes.  I think he responds better to the sidepull than he does to the bit because the signal is very direct against his fact on the outside as well as from the near side.  Apparently sidepulls have quite a bit of stop to them but I doubt they would be appropriate for a really persistently forward horse.
Cheers, Laney
Chelle Sherman wrote:
Hi folks - My 5 yr. old Arab gelding was trained to ride in a rope
halter (with the reins attached to the loops under his chin) and then
moved on to a french snaffle. He is very light and comfortable in both
set ups, although I've notice lately that he's getting a tad strong in
the rope halter, and a bit 'lunky' with his head when he wants to go in
a different direction than I do. Since I can, I like to ride him bitless
whenever possible, particularly as he seems to hate putting the bit in
his mouth in this cold weather. I'm considering getting him a proper
sidepull, with the rings on the side. I think this might give me just
the extra bit of control and more direct turning aids than the rope
halter. So, does anyone regularly ride in a sidepull? If so, what kind?
Does the noseband material make a difference? I've seen them with nylon
nosebands and some kind of stiff rope, and leather as well. Would a
vosal be another good option? Any wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks!

Chelle and Mystik Star

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