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Re: sidepull

Hi Brenda - so far, folks have recommended the biothane sidepull that sportack
sells, and the climbing rope sidepull that Trails End sells. I've been told
that the coated rope kind can skin up their nose, so I should avoid this. I've
also found a nylon sidepull in Long Riders Gear catalog that seems to be much
more reasonably priced than the biothane or climbing rope (about $35). I saw a
beautiful sidepull on the Hought Endurance Tack site that is biothane with a
climbing rope nose, but this one is the most pricey of all, at $90.

Still waiting to hear more, if its out there!


Brenda Miskimmin wrote:

> You have described an identical situation to mine with my 4 yr old. Will
> you please send me summaries of recommendations (especially good places to
> buy the sidepulls), or put them on ridecamp?
> thanks
> Brenda
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> Brenda Miskimmin
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> Canada
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