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sidepull recommendations

Hi folks - My 5 yr. old Arab gelding was trained to ride in a rope
halter (with the reins attached to the loops under his chin) and then
moved on to a french snaffle. He is very light and comfortable in both
set ups, although I've notice lately that he's getting a tad strong in
the rope halter, and a bit 'lunky' with his head when he wants to go in
a different direction than I do. Since I can, I like to ride him bitless
whenever possible, particularly as he seems to hate putting the bit in
his mouth in this cold weather. I'm considering getting him a proper
sidepull, with the rings on the side. I think this might give me just
the extra bit of control and more direct turning aids than the rope
halter. So, does anyone regularly ride in a sidepull? If so, what kind?
Does the noseband material make a difference? I've seen them with nylon
nosebands and some kind of stiff rope, and leather as well. Would a
vosal be another good option? Any wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks!

Chelle and Mystik Star

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