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Skito pad/more details

Hi RideCampers
Guess I'll give more information to the group as  I have been replying privately
to those who have sent suggestions, but because of the interest I've 
brought it back to y'all. 

I ride in an English saddle that has been reflocked to fit my horse's 
back.  The saddle fit has changed over the summer because of the 
conditioning we did.  As she got stronger, she got more muscular and 
more svelte.    I got the Skito pad because of the changes in her 
shape.  A saddle fitter probably won't be in our area again until 

I have had this horse going on seven years....using many different 
types of pads and have never had a pad slip in that manner.  (Pads 
will slide from the front to the back, if I do not secure them)  This 
pad starts to move as soon as I start to ride.   Sometimes my horse 
has a lot of "action" and sometimes she doesn't  : )  I've had the 
pad for a month and it moves whether it's a quiet hack through the woods or 
a more exciting club ride.  I ride with a snaffle bit, crupper, and 
breastplate.  Horse is shod in front (no back shoes now that hunting 
season is here).  

Several people suggest it's the way she moves, or the way I ride.  I 
really think it's the pad   ;  )

Someone else suggested it might be that the fabric was not cut on the 
straight grain....(that's something I'll look into, as another friend 
of mine suggested it might be the way the pad is sewn)

Another respondant  thought it might take a while for the foam to develop 
"memory", but I've used it for a month.

I also did not mention that I get a good sweat pattern...if only the dern 
thing would stay put!  I had thought of sewing  some sort of tie to the back of 
the pad and attaching it to the dee on the cantle so it couldn't go 

Thanks everyone,

Judy &
MSA Hilary.....everything on me is tied
Newburgh, ME

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