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Re: RC: Fwd: EuroEnduro: Horse has forgot how to canter

>Im having his back checked as well.
>Thabky you for your sugestions though.

I have a long-backed horse that has been known to get short-strided behind 
like that when his back "goes out." (He sees the chiropractor almost as much 
as I do.) If you want to, do a test on your horse by hand walking him some 
distance from the stable and then having a helper walk or trot him home 
while you observe his tracks. Most horses over-reach to some extent on their 
way back to the stable. (I've measured and even the long-backed guy 
over-reaches by 3-4 inches!) By this, I don't mean they forge or interfere, 
just that they're pushing from behind to get home sooner. A sore-backed 
horse will bring his back leg down before reaching the front track 

If as you said it shows up only at the canter, it may be only a slight 

Bonnie in AZ

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